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ADHD assessment & diagnostic service

ADHD assessment and diagnostic service in Surrey.


I offer a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) compliant ADHD assessment service. I always use 'gold standard' assessment tools and diagnose according to DSM-5 criteria. My reports will include the findings of these assessments plus extensive recommendations.


ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders to be diagnosed in childhood. Signs of ADHD may typically include difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour - although there may also be a lot more subtle clues. Sometimes these difficulties are picked up in infant / junior school but it may also be the case that the child is able to mask symptoms and 'go under the radar' until academic work and social demands gets trickier during teenage years.


Having worked in an NHS ADHD assessment service, and undergone specialist training in the field of neurodiversity, I am able to provide a thorough and robust assessment of your child. I have links with local prescribers who I can refer you onto if following diagnosis you would like to explore the option of medication. As a parent of a neurodiverse young person, I have first hand experience of the diagnostic system and am passionate about enabling the right support to be found.

If you require a diagnostic ADHD assessment for your child I will have an inital conversation with you on the phone to check this seems to be the most appropriate route.  For the assessment I will then require you to complete a number of questionnaires and ask your child'd school to provide information.  I will also meet with you and your child in person.  A deposit is required on booking the assessment and full payment required 48 hours prior to the in person appointment.

Fee for a full assessment and report £1200

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