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What to expect

After you make contact I will speak with you on the phone or via email to get some brief details about the type of difficulties you would like help with.  If appropriate we will arrange an assessment appointment.  Depending on the nature of the difficulties and individual circumstances (e.g. age of the child) this first appointment may be with parent(s) alone, with parent(s) and their child / adolescent, or with the young person alone. 

At the first appointment I will take a detailed history to help me understand how the difficulties have arisen and what maybe maintaining them.  This appointment is for about 60 - 75 minutes. Based on this we will discuss what type of therapy or counselling is most suitable.  We will also decide on an initial amount of sessions, their frequency and when we will review progress / plans.  The initial plan is quite often for six treatment sessions (50 minutes).

What we talk about in sessions will be confidential unless I feel you, or other people, are in danger in which case I will discuss with you who I need to inform to keep you / your child safe.  I may also discuss aspects of our work with a colleague in professional supervision but will keep identifying details of you anonymous.


Please note that I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy otherwise full fees will apply.


ADHD assessments:  If you require a diagnostic ADHD assessment for your child I will have an inital conversation with you on the phone to check this seems to be the most appropriate route.  For the assessment I will then require you to complete a number of questionnaires and ask your child'd school to provide information.  I will also meet with you and your child in person.  A deposit is required on booking the assessment and full payment required 48 hours prior to the in person appointment.

I am based in Leatherhead, Surrey on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays  (times vary).

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