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Vikky has supported our whole family through a very difficult period with our daughter this year. She is an expert in her field, yet able to communicate how the brain and body works, how to cope with this and how to navigate through the sometimes challenging teenage years. We could not have got through this period without her and our daughter has learnt some invaluable tools and skills that will help her throughout her life. I cannot recommend Vikky and the support she provides both within and outside of the sessions highly enough.


Petch Psychology provided an ADHD assessment and diagnosis for my daughter. Vikky was extremely caring and amazing with my daughter. She always ensured both myself and my daughter knew and understood what was being discussed and has been a huge help both during and since the assessment.  I recommend this service because of the high standards of professionalism, advice and guidance, including links to online resources. 


My daughter loves seeing Vikky and has started opening up about her feelings. Vikky uses great visual tools and analogies to help my child understand her feelings. Vikky has significantly changed my child's life for the better, improving her anxiety so that she is now enjoying activities she was to anxious to do before. 
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